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17-Year-Old Kristiana Coignard Shot and Killed by Three Police Officers after Brandishing Knife

February 1, 2015 in Blogs

By Shaun King, Daily Kos

It's hard to imagine if she walked into a police department in nearly any other country in the world that she would've died in a barrage of bullets.

American police will kill youRun from them, they'll kill you. Act nervous when they scream at you and they'll kill you. Do nothing at all and they'll kill you. Walk down the stairs and they'll kill you. Put your hands up and they'll kill you.

Mental illness matters not to American police if they imagine, sense, or perceive a threat of any kind; They will shoot you over and over again until you die.

It's not this way around the world, but in the good 'ol US of A, our officers are shooting and killing people at a record pace. So, when Kristiana Coignard walked into a Longview, Texas police department, and picked up the phone there to speak to someone, the fact that she would soon be shot to death by three police officers may have already occurred to her, but as details emerge about her shooting death, it's hard to imagine if she walked into a police department in nearly any other country in the world that she would've died in a barrage of bullets.

Please read below the fold for details on this story.


On Friday, January 23, 17-year-old student Kristiana Coignard walked into her local police department, picked up a telephone, and asked to speak to an officer. Sometime after that she pulled “a weapon” and was shot and killed by three police officers.

For three days, that's pretty much all the police have said. Refusing to say what type of weapon she brandished, the inference was that it was so lethal a weapon that it must've been a gun or a stick of dynamite or hand grenade, but Longview Mayor Jay Dean just revealed that it wasn't a gun at all, but a knife.

In an article on Think Progress, it was revealed that Kristiana was struggling mightily with mental illness.

Coignard was living in Longview with her Aunt, Heather Robertson. In an interview with ThinkProgress, Robertson raised …read more


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