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Bill Maher Blasts NFL Ban on Weed: 'Maybe It's Because Pot Doesn't Make You Violent'

February 27, 2015 in Blogs

By Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

Beer, the official NFL sponsor, “is responsible for more violence against women than the Taliban.”

Real Time host Bill Maher accused the National Football League on Thursday of hypocrisy for promoting efforts against domestic violence after years of doing the same for “official beer” maker Anheuser-Busch.

“We appreciate your sudden awareness of domestic violence,” Maher said. “But then, right into the Budweiser commercial? Are you kidding me? Beer is responsible for more violence against women than the Taliban.”

While health organizations have linked alcohol to intimate partner violence (IPV), Maher argued, studies have also shown that marijuana use decreases the likelihood of these types of incidents.

Maher also ripped the league for excluding alcohol from its list of 100 banned substances, pointing out that, by comparison, players are subject to disciplinary action if things like sudafed, propecia, or dehydroepiandrosterone — the primary ingredient in the penile enlargement pill ExtenZe — are found in their systems.

“So if you’re a horny bald guy with allergies, the NFL is not for you,” he said. “As usual, we’re demonizing the wrong drugs, advertising alcohol while testing and suspending players for marijuana use.”

Maher recorded the special “New Rules” segment to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its fellow HBO program Real Sports, and it can be seen below.


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