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Eureka! My Earthshaking New Study Reveals Root Cause of the Profoundly Stupid

February 16, 2015 in Blogs

By Susan Grigsby, Daily Kos

Understanding what has happened to the American psyche.

Can a vaccine be responsible for the profoundly stupid?

It is a question I have been pondering for the past week or two. Could a vaccine, specifically, the polio vaccine, have caused us to become profoundly stupid? Looking for evidence, like so many troubled young parents of today faced with a vaccination schedule, I turned to Google to find out. What I discovered was deeply disturbing.

The United States experienced an epidemic of polio in 1952, with 21,000, of the reported 57,628 cases resulting in paralysis. Clearly, a vaccine was needed. Fortunately, work was already underway.

In 1953, Jonas Salk published the successful results of his early inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) tests. Those results were so promising that …

“A nationwide testing of the vaccine was launched in April 1954 with the mass inoculation of school children. The results were amazing — 60-70 percent prevention — and Salk was praised to the skies. But suddenly, some 200 cases of the disease were caused by the vaccine and 11 people died. All testing was halted. It seemed that people's hopes were dashed until investigators found that the disease-causing vaccine all came from one poorly made batch at one drug company. Higher production standards were adopted and vaccinations resumed, with over 4 million given by August 1955. The impact was dramatic: In 1955 there were 28,985 cases of polio; in 1956, 14,647; in 1957, 5,894. By 1959, 90 other countries used Salk's vaccine.”

It changed the world. Albert Sabin soon developed an oral vaccine (OPV) using a weakened live virus, and in 1962 it was licensed for use in the U.S., and being cheaper, and less painful, it replaced the Salk vaccine by 1968. In 2000, with the virus wiped out in the United States, we switched back to the IPV vaccine amid concerns that the OPV vaccine might lead to cases of vaccine-related polio.

However, shortly after the polio vaccine had been widely administered, something very strange began to happen to the American psyche. The more I clicked, the more I learned about …read more


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