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Five Libertarian Ideas #31 – Sex and liberty, Sony Pictures, Libertarian Vets

February 27, 2015 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

‘The Interview’ movie
Sony Pictures, you clever bastards! Anticipating North Korea’s predictably childish behavior, they instigated this cyber-war that led to the withholding of the movie. They then demonstrated that direct-to-home releases could be wildly profitable and the movie still made it to the top rated on IMDB. Kudos for thinking outside the box!
In unrelated news, I just bought The Interview on Google Play. -12/25/14
Honoring the Nonaggression Principle
The HARDEST time to adhere to NAP is when, at a busy intersection, some jackass cuts me off with a moving violation. I then swerve to avoid a collision, sending 44 ounzes of Dr. Pepper flying out of the cupholder and to the ceiling, where this liquid grenade redecorates my car interior. I immediately begin to regret my defensive maneuver that saved his life and both our property–who cares, I have great auto insurance–and grope for a pistol that’s not there. -2/25/15
Self-government vs. the State
Voluntary self-government is NOT the same as “the State”. Citizenship can be voluntary as can law and law enforcement—Jonathan Jaech does a lot of excellent work on voluntary law. The state is coercive whereas constituency of a government of/by/for the people can be truly voluntary (although an-caps’ heads explode at the notion). -2/24/15
Libertarian military veterans
Nathaniel Branden in his life and works taught people to own up to their failures, but to NEVER be ashamed of their successes. Therefore, attention anarchists: I am libertarian and I served in the government military. It made me a stronger person and in the end a stronger libertarian. GET OVER IT.
*Side note: Other libertarian vets include Ron Paul, Jim Gray, Leonard Reed, and Ludwig von Mises. -2/22/15

Selling sex for liberty

Trying so hard to sell liberty through sex just seems silly. Own a gun, read a book, and treat women with respect, and libertarian men will “get some” more often. Some libertarians are probably great in bed. Others are terrible in …read more


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