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The Neocon Recipe For Iraq — How to Completely Ruin a Country in 13 Years

February 20, 2015 in Blogs

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

When are we going to do in Iraq what we did in Europe after war destroyed that continent?

As war-hawk Republicans hit the airwaves blaming President Obama for the rise of ISIS in Iraq, and the Congress considers (and complains about) a new authorization for the use of military force in Iraq, it’s important to take a careful, honest look back at the last 13 years in Iraq.

This exercise is about more than blame; it’s about looking at what was done, what didn’t work – and most importantly – this exercise about what policy the US should use, moving forward.

Imagine, God forbid, that a state in America were to be dramatically attacked (a 9/11 level of destruction only on steroids), or fall apart because of a natural disaster. Illinois, for example – or Missouri.

Massive destruction, damaging most of the homes – it could be an epic natural disaster, a cyber attack, or a series of nuclear device detonations.

Water is cut off, electric wires downed, the phone systems taken out. People are dazed, in “shock and awe.” The prisons are damaged, and thousands of criminals are now on the streets, quickly melting back into the civilian populace. The destruction is massive.

The federal government then responds. It puts up a wall around the entire state, and removes from office all employees and elected officials of the state and local governments.

The feds fire all the police and fire departments. They stop paying doctors and hospitals. They throw up cordons around each city to prevent nearby communities and neighboring states from coming in to help.

Why? Because the powers-that-be believe that a mythical force – “The Free Market” – will automatically and magically come to the aid of the damaged state.

The federal government declares that instead of paying normal taxes and getting normal services, nobody will any longer get Social Security payments, food stamps, Medicare or Medicaid. All the “big government” programs are ended, replaced with a flat 15% income tax and an elimination of all regulations on corporate action, either local or multinational.

Unions are outlawed. The 200 largest companies – and …read more


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