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The Bible Should Be X-rated: The Good Book Is Loaded with Sexy Sin—Someone Tell Mike Huckabee

March 8, 2015 in Blogs

By Jeffrey Tayler, Salon

If the Bible's the word of God, the religious right should look again. There's a lot of sex and debauchery going on.

Sex scandals have bubbled up though the murky currents of American politics of both the left and the right, but they’ve always been most outrageous when they’ve involved Republicans, especially the Bible-thumping, evolution-denying red-staters of recent decades. After all, the assumption prevails that such Republicans, being so ostentatiously pious, really ought to behave the way the Good Book tells them to.

But such an assumption rests on grossly false premises – that the “Good Book” is actuallygood, that it offers pleasant, morally edifying tales, that it strictly ordains temperance and chastity, and that the undeniable, if unoriginal, wisdom encapsulated in the Golden Rule – “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them” – is, well, the rule and not the exception.

That this is not the case really should surprise no one. After all, the New Testament turns on an impossible, outlandishly lewd “truth” (and here I’ll cite a famous anti-religion author): that the “Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married.” That is, God had sex with Mary, betrothed to Joseph, who was thus divinely cuckolded. The New Testament, says the same author, brims with other “glaring absurdities, contradictions, and falsehoods.” The Old Testament is even worse, bristling as it is with “obscene stories” and “voluptuous debaucheries.” The Joshua chapter, for example, amounts to a “history of rapine and murder, as savage and brutal as those recorded by his predecessor in villainy and hypocrisy.” In said author’s telling, the Bible is hardly a tome from which one could derive any kind of decent morals at all. Quite the contrary. Instead of the epithet the “Word of God,” it might better be called, says he, “the word of a demon,” and “a history of wickedness, that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind.”

Who indited such flagrant blasphemy against the Holy Scriptures? Not, as one might expect, the late Christopher Hitchens or some other “New” atheist, but the revolutionary deist …read more


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5 Reasons the Fracas over Hillary's Email Is Going to Fizzle Out

March 8, 2015 in Blogs

By TBogg, Raw Story

Tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails? Welcome to America.

Tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Welcome to America.

It has only been six (6) days now since it was revealed that Hillary Clinton was using a “homebrewed” — presumably artisanal — server hosting an email account from which she conducted at least some of her State Department business.  While other policy makers have used personal email accounts to conduct business — Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, and Scott Walker come to mind — Hillary is the prohibitive favorite to become the next president of the United States and that means this one is a big hairy deal.

Mostly to a political press that wants a horse race and not a blow-out in 2016, and to Republicans whose ‘deep bench’ is loaded with bench players and not starters.

Short of an email with ‘#Benghazi #LOL” in the subject line, or Hillary signing off on all of her emails with “Death to America, comrades!” whatever we are calling this ‘scandal’ is unlikely to have much effect should she be the 2016 Democratic nominee.

Let us count the reasons why…

They are the Clintons-

No matter how you slice it, Bill and Hillary Clinton come as a package deal. During their public careers they have been accused of murder, rape, drug dealing, kidnapping, insider trading, shady land deals, communism, perjury, cronyism, accepting foreign money for a “global Initiative” (go figure why they would do that),  hanging crack pipes on the White house Christmas tree, and being a lesbian (Hillary only, but Bill swings that way towards the ladies too.) Out of all of that, the only thing that stuck was a blow job, which made Bill more popular than ever.

It’s not that they are squeaky clean on some of these counts — they’re not — it’s just that the GOP has cried wolf so many times, nobody listens to them anymore when it comes to the Clinton’s.

Which leads us to…

The Republicans-

After spending eight years investigating the Clintons and six years investigating President Obama, the GOP looks like it is made up of the love children of Javert and …read more