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'Get Your F*cking Kids Vaccinated': Jimmy Kimmel Wages War on Anti-Vaxxers

March 5, 2015 in Blogs

By Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

The late night host made an amazing, foul-mouthed video with the help of a few pediatricians.

If you ever needed an excuse to love Jimmy Kimmel as much as Jimmy Kimmel hates Matt Damon, the late-night host keeps giving us reason, with his tough as nails messages to the people who still think not vaccinating their kids is a great idea.

On his Los Angeles-based show last week, he took a moment to reference the severity of a problem that in the past several weeks has led to an unprecedented measles outbreak, chiding parents who “are more afraid of gluten than smallpox.” And acknowledging that “You probably aren’t going to take medical advice from a talk show host, and I don’t expect you to” in a sly dig to departed co-host of “The View,” Jenny McCarthy, he said, “I would expect you to take medical advice from almost every doctor in the world” – you know, the people who don’t “learn about the human body from their friends’ Facebook page.”

Kimmel, a father of a baby daughter himself, then presented a prerecorded message from a group of real and refreshingly foul-mouthed doctors who support vaccinations, to deliver a bleep-heavy PSA to explain that “The potential downsides of vaccinations are almost nonexistent,” and to add that “I cannot f—king believe we have to make this PSA.” “Remember that time you got polio?” another doctor asks. “No, you don’t, because your parents got you f—king vaccinated.”

Kimmel’s crusade has made for some fascinating television lately, and it’s pretty great to see a person with his platform — with the support of his network — go at it with such gusto. On Monday night, Kimmel gleefully returned to the fray, reading some of the angry tweets his segment inspired, including those from people calling him a “sellout” and “worse than priests abusing boys and Bill Cosby drugging girls.” “So you see,” he observed, vowing not to apologize, “people are taking a reasonable approach to this.” He then sent out his “community activist team” Jack and Becky out to the streets with …read more


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