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Should Libertarian Party members support Rand Paul?

March 31, 2015 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Should members of the Libertarian Party support Rand Paul this election season? It’s a question making its rounds among Libertarians and libertarian Republicans. The answer to that question depends on a person’s conscience.

If you want an answer from me, folks, I’d say yes. It’s my opinion that Libertarians should stand with our brothers and sisters in the Republican Liberty Caucus, for the simple reason that Rand Paul’s message will advance the libertarian cause. For me, this is above Party loyalty—I left the Republican Party because “Party loyalty” doesn’t fly with me.

Not everybody in the LP will agrees with me on this, and I’m at peace with that. I understand the Party will run its own presidential candidate or risk irreparable weakness of the organization. Party members and other alienated voters will vote for that candidate, and they have every right to do so.

My personal strategy walks the line between the LP and RLC. I’ve been a dues-paying LP member since March of 2014, but I’m still registered to vote as a Republican. I’ll hold onto my GOP registration (and hold my nose in the meantime) so I can vote for Rand in the primary election. The minute my vote is cast, I’m changing my voter registration to Libertarian.

Regardless of Rand making it to the general election (God willing he does), I’m changing my registration the minute my primary vote is cast or the minute he ceases to be a presidential candidate—whichever comes first.

Yes, I understand that Rand Paul is not libertarian. He never claimed to be—we just wanted him to be. But his old-school brand of Goldwater conservatism contains enough libertarianism that his presidential candidacy would be an asset to the liberty movement.

Who else filibustered for 13 hours over the government assassinating American citizens? Who keeps introducing Audit the Fed into the Senate? How many ranking Republicans have been saying that national defense probablyshouldn’t involve going to war just for the hell of it?

Even his most recent stunt …read more


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