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“That Would Be a Great Sex Toy!”: How New Age Crystal Dildos Changed One Sex Shop Worker’s Life

March 15, 2015 in Blogs

By Jenny Kutner, Salon

Introducing the chakrub.

I have to admit: I don’t buy into the whole crystal thing. I certainly have my new age-y tendencies — I did live in Austin, Texas, for several years, after all — but faith in the power of crystals (or anything vaguely supernatural, really) has always eluded me. I tend to rely more on what science has to say about the natural world than anything else, and the research behind crystals’ purported healing abilities is iffy, to say the least. As far as medical studies are concerned, there’s no evidence that crystals can clear diseases or other physical ailments.

But we’re all afforded faith and free will, so it’s difficult to see the harm in indulging in some crystal healing when one isn’t doing anything extreme or putting her or his health at risk. What if, instead, someone is aiming for a different sort of “healing” power — such as the kind where 15 minutes alone, a MacBook and a crystal (or any vaguely cylindrical object devoid of sharp edges, really) might be useful?

Turns out, whether you’re at all mystical or just looking for a nice new way to get off, crystals might be able to provide a bit of sexual healing — even if it’s just in the form of good ol’ basic genital stimulation. And a woman named Vanessa Cuccia has made it her business to prove it.

Cuccia is the founder of Chakrubs, a line of crystal dildos that aim to “bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.” The former sex shop employee came up with the idea to sell handcrafted stone phalluses while she was doing some of her own sexual healing in California, shortly after she met her spiritual mentor and began learning about crystals. “I created Chakrubs because I have a desire for the products,” Cuccia told me recently by phone. “I made something that I wanted.”

But she also made something she believes in, which she understands won’t be the case for everyone who buys a Chakrub. For those who have faith in crystal healing, the Indian Jade Chakrub might seem …read more


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