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Analyzing the Labor Market Outcomes of Occupational Licensing

May 13, 2015 in Economics

Occupational licensing has become increasingly important in the regulation of services in the United States. The number of occupations requiring a license has grown since the 1970s, as has the percentage of workers who have attained or are covered by a governmental license.  New research from Morris M. Kleiner finds that occupational licensing raises wages and benefits of government-regulated workers and provides greater opportunities for employment for workers who attain a governmental license or certificate. However, it is unclear whether these economic gains are the result of occupations using their political influence to restrict supply and raise the wages of licensed practitioners, or if these workers have acquired reputations that are valued in the market place beyond those measured by standard human capital estimates.

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2 out of 3 are Liberty Candidates!

May 13, 2015 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

This article makes the assumption that Rand Paul will remain the frontrunner in the presidential race and be the Republican Party’s nominee on the November 2016 ballot. No other Republican candidate will be good enough for a stalwart libertarian like me.

2016 will be a much better election year for the liberty movement than 2012. Back then, Ron Paulhad to claw and scrape his way to getting two minutes of speaking time out of two-hour-long debates. Moderators and major networks never took him seriously, except for the times they’d briefly mention him to drive home how ‘crazy’ he was, or to remind themselves that he was ‘unelectable’. Worst of all, the libertarian ideas Ron advocated were deeply misunderstood. 2012 wasn’t our year.

This time, our libertarian ideas actually have a shot at being heard and accepted. Rand Paul is being taken much more seriously than Ron was. This is due in no small part to Ron blitzing America like a kamikaze in 2012, with ideas like “end the Fed,” end foreign aid, and “legalize drugs”. Because Ron took the full blast of heat in 2012, America in 2016 can find it more palatable when Rand pushes ideas like “let’s fully audit the Fed,” we can start cutting aid to this list of countries, and “let’s end the War on Drugs, which is really a war on the black community.”

To make a long story short, Rand Paul’s candidacy excites me. Sure, he isn’t a pure libertarian like his father, but making that constant comparison is getting silly. ‘Conservatarian’ Rand Paul will take mainstream America MUCH closer to libertarianism than Hillary Clinton, that’s for damn sure!

I’m also excited that Gary Johnson will be running for president again on the Libertarian Party ticket. Though I’ve long-since agreed to actually cast my general election vote for Rand, I can see the importance of Gary’s candidacy. Many in the liberty movement are concerned that Gary running against Rand will …read more