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Hedge Fund Manager Compares Paying More Taxes to the Holocaust

May 22, 2015 in Blogs

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Clearly, these are the same thing.

The so-called “hedge-fund loophole” – where people who work in an industry where you easily earn millions of dollars a year pay a paltry low income tax rate of 15 percent – is a frequent target of ire for American taxpayers. It's very plainly seen as unfair that teachers or small business owners would be paying a higher tax rate than folks earning huge incomes on Wall Street.

To one hedge fund manager – who gave an anonymous quote to CNBC – this is a positively genocidal train of thought.

One prominent investor—who, like others, asked to remain anonymous given the divisive subject—called the rhetoric “class warfare” and noted other times in history, including before World War II, when financial speculators were unfairly blamed by politicians.

“Instead of the Jews, it's the hedge fund managers,” the person said.

Venture capitalist Tony Perkins previously made a similar remark in 2014, saying treatment of wealthy Americans today is like Jews in Nazi Germany.

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