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'May Day for Freddie Gray': Protesters in NYC Again Show Solidarity with Baltimore

May 2, 2015 in Blogs

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

Meet some of the labor and anti-police brutality activists who took to the city's streets last night.

Labor and anti-police brutality activists merged efforts in New York City on Friday, rallying under the united banner, “May Day for Freddie Gray.” Although media estimates placed the crowd size at around 1,000, the mass seemed to swell to far greater numbers as demonstrators moved through the streets. Hours after the announcement that criminal charges would be filed against the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest, transport and death, AlterNet spoke with some of the protesters to learn why they had taken to the streets. 

Fritz: I’m here to be a part of history. I’m here to try to make a difference. And I’m here because I’ve had enough. I’m tired of watching this shit on the news, reading about it in the paper. I’m tired of just being a bystander. If you’re a New Yorker—not even a New Yorker—if you’re a human being that believes in equality and justice for everybody, it doesn’t matter what color you are [or] where you’re from: fair is fair. And if you believe in that, in all honesty, you should be here. Because this is ridiculous. A little while ago, it seemed like every month [someone was killed by the police]. Now it seems like every two weeks. And enough is enough. 

Deni: Actually, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I march in the Bay Area constantly as part of protesting racist police violence. I’m a retired school teacher. We would teach kids in the school about justice and then this goes on on the streets. And it’s got to stop. It’s interesting: [the charges against the cops] would never have happened if people weren’t out on the streets. So people have to put the pressure on. The system is not going to change without the pressure being put on. Whether this is going to amount to anything, we’ll see. But it’s certainly …read more


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