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One Month Later, Exposing Baltimore Police Lies In the Death of Freddie Gray

May 21, 2015 in Blogs

By Shaun King, Daily Kos

Basically everything police said was either a lie or PR spin.

Last month we exposed many of the ugly lies about Freddie Gray being spread by conservatives—ranging from the lie that he broke his neck jumping from a window while evading police to the lie that he had a spinal surgery in the weeks before he was killed stemming from a car accident.

It's now been one month since 25-year-old Freddie Gray died because of critical injuries he suffered while in police custody. Six officers having been charged in his murder. And many facts continue to emerge, including a video that was just released showing one of the many stops made while Freddie was in the van.

Below, from the moment when police arrested Freddie Gray until now, we will expose each lie that has been told by the Baltimore police

LIE: The arrest of Freddie Gray was lawful.

TRUTH: Everything about the arrest of Gray was unlawful.

Sadly, we will never fully understand what happened on April 12, because Gray never spoke another word again after he emerged from the police van that day and died one week later from his injuries.

The police claim, in their own timeline, that they chased and subdued Gray (and another unnamed man), but never gave any legal reason for doing so other than making eye contact with them.

The Baltimore police commissioner, Anthony Batts, has already said clearly that “there is no law against running.” What law, then, did Gray break to be pursued and arrested in the first place? It is not legal to simply look at a man and assume it must be a criminal.

Furthermore, while police claim that Gray was carrying an illegal knife at the time of his arrest, two facts about this need to be clarified:

1. The police themselves claimed to have found the knife after they hadchased, caught and cuffed him.

In charging documents, prosecutors say three officers were on patrol near Gilmor Homes when Gray spotted them and began to run.

Prosecutors say the officers chased Gray and soon caught him. They say the officers held him down, …read more


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