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Landslide at the Supreme Court: Right Wingers Lose a Trifecta of Partisan Cases

June 29, 2015 in Blogs

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The latest ruling reverses an effort in TX to eliminate abortion access.

The Republican’s losing streak at the U.S. Supreme Court continued Monday, on the last day of the term as the Court made three rulings thwarting right-wing crusades.

In two rulings, the Court stopped the GOP from gaming different aspects of the electoral process that help keep their party in political office. In the third ruling, the Court voted 5-4 to keep abortion clinics open in Texas while a lawsuit proceeds that challenges a state law seeking to shut down all but nine of them.

The Court also ruled against the Obama administration’s latest environmental regulations that sought to limit power plant emissions and said that a three-drug mix used to execute prisoners on Oklahoma was not unconstitutional. Late last week, the Court said there was a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, and upheld federal subsidies for Obamacare—two historic victories for progressives and Democrats. 

Voter Suppression, Uncompetitive Elections

In the first election case, the Court decided not hear an appeal brought by the nation’s most partisan Secretary of State, Kansas Republican Chris Kobach, who has been trying for years to require new voters to produce documented proof of citizenship—as opposed to taking an oath when registering to vote.

Kobach, who has been associated with anti-immigrant organizations throughout his career, wanted to add the requirement to protect the “integrity” of the vote, but civil rights groups have seen it as the latest GOP effort to unnecessarily police the process and keep inexperienced voters from voting. The latest twist in this fight came when Kobach sued the U.S. Election Assistance Commission because he wanted separate voter registration forms for state and federal elections—to limit who was eligible to vote locally. A lower appeals court rejected that approach and the U.S. Supreme Court denied Kobach’s petition for a new trial. 

In the second election case, the Court sided with a citizen redistricting commission in Arizona—where Republicans in the Legislature didn’t like the results because it awarded them fewer “safe seats” in the U.S. House—where boundaries ensured a Republican would win. Because Arizona voters created this independent …read more


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