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Insurgency: A STAR WARS Fan Fiction

August 14, 2015 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


* * *

They marched the captive stormtrooper into view of the holocam, clad in full armor except for gloves and forearm plates. His hands were bound together behind his back. His helmet was cracked across the brow and visor, eliminating its ability to send or receive transmissions, especially GPS distress beacons.

Zero walked into view and removed the helmet, betraying the frail humanity beneath the expressionless mask that had become a symbol of fear and repression across the galaxy.

“Name,” Zero demanded.

The stormtrooper’s fear was visible in his wide eyes. “Zax Shumack.” The trooper did his best to retain some composure.

“Serial number.”



“Imperial Center.”

Excuse me?” Zero barked.

“C-Coruscant,” the prisoner stammered.

Zero knew then that some part of the prisoner still clung to hope for his life. Zero almost pitied him, until the memory of his dead wife strengthened his resolve and his hatred for the Empire. “What is your unit?”

The prisoner shut his eyes, knowing that repeating the information already given up during several beatings somehow wouldn’t help his case.
Zero raised his voice to a near boom. “What is your unit?!”

“S-Second Brigade, F-F-Five Oh First.”

“Ah,” Zero half intoned and half breathed, “the infamous Vader’s Fist. We can see how mighty Vader’s Fist really is,” he bragged …read more