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Bernie Sanders Speaks to 28,000 People in Portland, While Hillary Hosts $2,700-a-Head Fundraiser

August 10, 2015 in Blogs

By Zaid Jilani, AlterNet

Quite the contrast.

Yesterday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to 28,000 people in Portland, Oregon – the largest rally of 2016 of any candidate.


Sanders hit the usual marks – decrying income inequality, money in politics, climate change, and mass incarceration. Watch his address:


What’s interesting is that Hillary Clinton also came to Portland last week. But instead of doing a public event, she held a fundraiser at the home of Democratic Party consultants Win McCormack and Carol Butler. Access was granted only to donors willing to give the minimum donation of $2,700.


The contrast in Portland is a microcosm of the two types of campaigns Sanders and Clinton are running. The former is counting on a grassroots network of hundreds of thousands of people donating small amounts of money and making up the difference with volunteer hours. The latter is a more conventional politician: court Big Money donors and flood the airwaves with television commercials to win the election. In six months, we'll start to see which strategy succeeds.

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