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Bill Maher Mocks Repubs’ Problem With Women: ‘They Live In Our Houses — Not Mitt Romney’s Binder’

August 15, 2015 in Blogs

By Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

“All of them are somewhere between creepy and stalker”

ll Maher used a storybook to explain to the GOP why it has trouble attracting “the mysterious people who aren’t men” on Friday’s episode of Real Time, while skewering them for defending Megyn Kelly while pushing policies that hurt women in general.

“You’re down in the polls and you don’t know why — it seems like you’re popular with all of the guys,” he began. “But the reason the Republican Party is in trouble is, all you old white men live in a bubble.”

Their candidate pool, he said, included “Jeb and Trump, Santorum and Walker — all of them somewhere between creepy and stalker.”

He also ridiculed former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for claiming he would never insult Kelly like Donald Trump did just a few months after accusing Jay-Z of“arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp”regarding his wife Beyoncé.

“As if Beyoncé does not run her career on her own,” the host said. “He thinks that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are Ike and Tina Turner.”

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) joined in, ripping ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for his support of what was called the “Scarlet Letter” law.

“He thinks that public shaming of single mothers or promiscuous teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from misbehaving,” she said. “That’s just one example — all these other guys, the ones on the federal side, anti-Violence Against Women Act. They voted against it. They voted against equal pay. They all want to shut down the government to defund Planned Parenthood. I mean, 60 percent of all women — Republicans too — favor Planned Parenthood. This is not a good strategy.”

The key for Republicans, Maher said, was to recognize that women abound in their lives.

“They live in our houses — not Mitt Romney’s binder,” he explained.

Watch the discussion, as posted online on Friday,below.

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