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'He Should Be Forced to Take an IQ Test': Donald Trump’s Sickest Burns of His 2016 Rivals

August 6, 2015 in Blogs

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

As the carnival barker prepares to take the debate stage tonight, a look back at the insults he's already lobbed.

“I’d like to be civil,” Donald Trump said recently of his upcoming debate performance tonight, but as a top campaign aide to Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently tweeted, for his fellow Republican candidates, preparing for tonight’s debate with the notorious ham at center stage is like “a NASCAR driver mentally preparing for a race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk”:

Ahead of the first GOP debate, Salon takes a look at a few of the insults The Donald has hurled at his fellow Republicans:

Jeb Bush

“The last thing we need is another Bush,” Trump declared during January’s Iowa Freedom Summit, opening a months-long assault on his fellow Republicans — a campaign that has been particularly focused on the former Florida governor.

“How would you like him negotiating with the terrorists?” Trump asked at a rally months later, noting “it took him four days before he got his answer straight” on the 2003 Iraq invasion. Bush suffered an early campaign stumble when he was unable to answer a question on the wisdom of invading Iraq during a Fox News interview. Trump has repeatedly described Bush as “weak” on the campaign trail.

Trump’s Twitter account also retweeted an insult to Bush’s wife on July 4: “@RObHeilbron: @realDonaldTrump #JebBush has to like the Mexican Illegals because of his wife.” The retweet was later deleted.

Marco Rubio

“Weak” appears to be a favorite phrase of Trump’s as he’s deployed the insult against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as well.

“Rubio is weak on immigration and he’s weak on jobs,” Trump told the conservative Breitbart.com, adding, “We need someone who is going to make the country great again, and Rubio is not going to make the country great again.”

“I don’t even know how he could be running for office,” Trump said of Rubio during a campaign …read more


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