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Here's the Lowdown on Who Supports Donald Trump

August 5, 2015 in Economics

By Emily Ekins

Emily Ekins

Donald Trump continues to make waves as his poll numbers surge to the top of the GOP pack. Both the latest CNN/ORC and Public Policy Polling (PPP) polls find Trump leading with 19 percent of Republican voters. An ABC/Washington Post poll that includes “leaners” finds Trump with as high as 23 percent of the GOP vote. Furthermore, Trump’s surging favorability ratings from 38 percent in June to 53 percent in July among Republicans has fully caught the media’s attention.

Who are these Trump supporters? Which Republican voters have so quickly coalesced around his candidacy? Have his controversial comments suggesting most unauthorized immigrants from Mexico are criminals, drug dealers, and rapists alienated Hispanic voters? Has his aggressive rhetorical style appealed more to men or women?

Polling data reveal that Trump supporters are more likely to be male, white, older, with less education—but they are not more likely to be right-wing.

Donald Trump’s Male Advantage

It’s unclear if Trump supporters will remain loyal once he is eventually forced to propose his actual policy prescriptions.”

Multiple polls show Trump does better among men than women. For instance, a Fox News poll finds that among likely Republican primary voters, 23 percent of men want Trump as the GOP nominee compared to 13 percent of women. CNN/ORC finds nearly identical numbers.

Among all Americans, CNN/ORC finds men (39 percent) are 12 points more likely than women (27 percent) to have a favorable view of Trump overall (YouGov and PPP find a similar gender gap). Trump’s GOP competitors have a narrower gender gap, of 5 to 7 points.

CNNFox, and ABC/WashPo polls reveal that Americans with more education are less likely to support Trump’s presidential candidacy. Most strikingly, the ABC/WashPopoll finds only 8 percent of college-degree-holding Republican voters plan to vote for Trump, compared to 32 percent of Republican voters without college degrees. Moreover, those with college degrees (56 percent) are about 6 points more likely to believe that Trump is wrong about immigration compared to those without college degrees (50 percent), the Fox poll finds.

Despite Trump’s own personal wealth, and frequent discussion of it, polls don’t uncover consistent differences between modest-income and high-income households in Trump favorability ratings.

Hispanics Hate Donald Trump

Predictably, Hispanics have soured on Trump, and white Americans remain more supportive of him than non-white Americans. An ABC/WashPo poll finds that Trump’s unfavorability ratings among Latinos have soared from 60 percent …read more

Source: OP-EDS

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