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WATCH: Cornel West and Fox News' Megan Kelly Spar Over Black Lives Matter

August 25, 2015 in Blogs

By Adam Johnson, AlterNet

Megyn Kelly asks West the ludicrous question, “why don't blacks protest black on black crime?”

Monday night, Dr. Cornel West officially announced his support for Senator Bernie Sanders for the democratic nomination and nominally went on Fox News to discuss this fact. Instead, he was met with the typical gauntlet of anti-Black Lives Matter smears by Kelly File host Megyn Kelly. Right out of the gate she began with the latest rightwing folk hero, Peggy Hubbard, an African-American woman whose facebook rant against blacks supposedly not caring about “black on black” crime has recently gone viral.

“What do you think of Peggy Hubbard and her message,” Kelly asked with her best White Concern™ face.

“She's traumatized,” West responded before very slowly trying to explain, once again, why there's a difference between routine crime and police violence. “But we have to make a distinction between state sponsored violence against blacks and violence against black people they do to each other.”

But his efforts would be for naught. Kelly would go on to repeat more or less the same talking point over and over — why don't blacks focus on “personal responsibility” instead of discussing structural racism? Poor Dr. West, for his part, would do his best to explain each time but Kelly stuck to the script. In the rushed segment, West spent most of his time wiggling out of Kelly's loaded questions rather than addressing anything of substance.

Kelly's constant badgering about why blacks “don't protest black on black crime,” aside from being entirely untrue, is based on a fallacy. Just like the “why don't people protest when police are killed?” non sequitur, it operates under the bizarre premise one is supposed to protest something the power system already agrees is terrible. As I wrote back in May, “one doesn’t protest something the system already agrees is bad…Protesting is fundamentally a petition to those in power (often, but not always, to the government) based on an injustice that’s ongoing and systemic.” If something is already being prosecuted, which black on black crime is, protesting it would be wholly gratuitous.

Watch the clip below:

h/t Mediaite

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