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WATCH: Fox News Focus Group Goes Hilariously off the Rails Fighting Over Donald Trump

August 6, 2015 in Blogs

By Jen Hayden, Daily Kos

Do yourself a favor and watch this clip.

To Trump or not to Trump? That's the luxurious gold-plated question.The battle for the black heart and soul of the Republican Party is in full swing as we approach the first primary debates of the Republican presidential shit show, led by sometimes World Wresting Entertainment star Donald Trump. Fox News wanted to tap into the minds of the average Republican voter in New Hampshire, so they pulled together a focus group and brought in Republican consultant Frank Luntz to lead the way.

From the minute Donald Trump's name was mentioned, the focus group began to have a complete meltdown, eventually turning into a shouting match. If you want a glimpse of what Trump is doing to the Republican party, look no further than these exchanges:

“Trump is the boss I have to constantly follow around and fix all the stuff that he broke with his mouth,” one man told the group. …

“This is a live sitcom we’re watching here!” one woman shouted.

One hard-core supporter compared Trump to Ronald Reagan and said it was likely he would be elected. A man in the row behind her shouted her down.

“He changes his positions like he changes his underwear!” he said. “He donated to Hillary! He’s donated to all these Democrats!”

“I don’t care!” the supporter shot back.

“I want a president that’s gonna want to do what the taxpayers want him to do, and what the Constitution says he’s supposed to do,” another woman said. “Not what Donald wants Donald to do.”

If you want to see the meltdown for yourself (and you really should), do yourself a favor—jump below the fold and see why Frank Luntz called this the best focus group he's ever done.


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