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Charles Blow Predicted the Rise of Trumpism in 2014

December 26, 2017 in Blogs

By Teacherken, DailyKos

The New York Times columnist knew a backlash against America's first black president was coming.

In a column that went up on November 23, 2014, for following day’s New York Times. It blew me away, so I posted thiswhich got a lot of traffic on DailyKos. In light of the events of the past year, since Trump took office, considering what has happened on many issues Blow addressed, I thought it worthwhile to share again.

Happy Boxing Day, as they say in the UK.

Charles M. Blow just knocked it out of the park

In his column for Monday's New York Times, titled Bigger than Immigration.  After beginning by telling us this is not just about immigration, or tactics, or the President's “lack of obsequiousness to his detractors”  (and the use of that word might forewarn you of where Blow is going), he writes:

This hostility and animosity toward this president is, in fact, larger than this president. This is about systems of power and the power of symbols. Particularly, it is about preserving traditional power and destroying emerging symbols that threaten that power. This president is simply the embodiment of the threat, as far as his detractors are concerned, whether they are willing or able to articulate it as such.

Blow tells us to:

Pay attention to the overall response from all sources, particularly the rhetoric in which it is wrapped.

And then offers quotations from the likes of Speaker Boehner, Rep. Louis Gohmert, and Andrew McCarthy of the National Review, followed immediately by these words:  

There is no denying the insinuations in such language: a fear of subjugation by people like this president, an “other” person, predisposed to lawlessness.

By now anyone who is a sentient human being should understand how much the Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Partiers and their allies in parts of the media and in parts of Corporate America have wanted to delegitimize Obama – we have “birthers,” we have people who claim he is a Muslim, and we know even absent either of those false issues the mere fact that his skin is Black is sufficient in the eyes of many to consider Obama …read more


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