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The 10 Worst TV Shows of 2017, Ranked from Broken to Just Plain Bad

December 31, 2017 in Blogs

By Melanie McFarland, Salon

In a year filled with way too much TV, here are 10 we wish we could unsee.

Where there are lists of bests, there must be a tabulation of worsts. It’s a matter of maintaining balance in the universe or barring that, enjoying a few cleansing facepalms and sighs of relief at knowing that we’ve survived the various assaults upon good taste television never ceases to lob at us.

Of course, one person’s notion of “worst” is another person’s idea of greatness. It’s all a matter of opinion. That’s why this list runs in ascending (or descending, depending on how you see it) order from shows that are merely broken to ones that are simply irredeemable.

10. “The Orville,” Fox

Seth MacFarlane’s faithful probably take some offense at seeing this show on a worst list and some vindication at knowing that Fox has already given it a second season. (This is where I remind you that the same network granted several seasons to “The Cleveland Show,” and that was not exactly MacFarlane’s or the world’s most original idea.) “The Orville” isn’t a total atrocity, mind you, just a show that isn’t sure what it wants to be other than an homage to classic “Star Trek.” But even in that regard, the show barely matches the same quality level of its source material’s subpar episodes.

But these are signs of a broken series, not one that’s utterly busted and beyond redemption. It’s possible that between seasons 1 and 2 MacFarlane and fellow executive producer Brannon Braga will empower their writers to pop the hood and tinker with the parts that aren’t working.

9. “Twin Peaks: The Return,” Showtime

Another entry bound to inspire a few of you to skip to the comments and weigh in at how dopey and unrefined I am — be my guest — the revival of a series that ushered in television’s Golden Age was the source of boundless mystery and excitement for the months leading up to its May debut. The enchantment lasted until we got a few hours into the thing, and at that point viewers were either committed to succumbing to the …read more


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