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Nato Discovers War Is Bad for Women

February 12, 2018 in Economics

By Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization once defended Western
civilization. The alliance was to hold back the Soviet hordes from
conquering “Old Europe,” as it was later called. Then
disaster struck. The enemy disappeared: the Soviet Union dissolved
and Warsaw Pact broke up.

For the last quarter-century the quintessential anti-Moscow
alliance has sought to find a new purpose. NATO officials
originally suggested interdicting drugs and promoting student
exchanges. Then members decided on “out-of-area”
activities, that is, fighting wars everywhere but in

Recently the transatlantic alliance shifted back to containing
Russia because of the latter’s military action against
non-NATO members. Yet the effort has generated little enthusiasm
among members other than those along Russia’s border. So
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is pushing another, perhaps more
popular, cause: protecting women.

NATO created the Special Representative for Women, Peace and
Security, who explained a few years ago explained that
“Achieving gender equality is our collective task. And NATO
is doing its part.” In 2016 the organization held a
conference on gender equality, at which Stoltenberg declared the
issue to be critical.

After all, Stoltenberg said, “NATO is a values-based
organization and none of the Alliance’s fundamental values
— individual liberties, democracy, human rights and the rule
of law — work without equality.” Actually, that’s
not true — Western nations established a generally effective
rule of law and protective system for liberties even when forced to
accommodate sometimes pervasive injustice, including slavery.
During the Cold War the alliance helped deter the Soviet Union,
i.e. “worked,” despite much greater discrimination
against minorities and women than today.

If NATO still has a role,
it is to protect Europeans from geopolitical uncertainties in a
more nationalistic and sectarian era. It is not to jump onto the
latest social cause being advanced by the latest visiting

Stoltenberg also claimed that “by integrating gender
within our operations, we make a tangible difference to the lives
of women and children.” He added last fall, “empowering
women is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing
to do: it makes countries safer and more stable.” In fact,
NATO has found that it is difficult if not impossible to transform
another nation’s culture through temporary combat missions.
The allies have not liberated women across Afghanistan despite more
than 16 years of combat. The U.S. doesn’t even interfere with
the pervasive sex slavery of young boys, called bacha bazi, or
dancing boys, by Afghan military personnel. To make Afghanistan
safe first requires making a deal with or defeating the Taliban.
And any stability would disappear if the allies wandered around the
country attacking institutions which didn’t live up to
Western standards.

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Source: OP-EDS

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