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When They Call You a Terrorist

February 8, 2018 in Blogs

By Patrisse Khan-Cullors, asha bandele, In These Times

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors on her path to activism and being criminalized at age 12.

The following is an excerpt from the new book

This has been an excerpt from the new book When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele (St. Martin's Press, January 2018). Copyright © 2018 by the authors and reprinted by permission of St. Martin's Press and In These Times. The book is available for purchase from Amazon and IndieBound.

This excerpt was previously published on In These Times and is reprinted with permission from In These Times magazine, © 2018, and is available at inthesetimes.com.

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