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Millions of Dogs Brutally Killed Every Year in Misguided Attempt to Stop Rabies' Spread

March 14, 2018 in Blogs

By Pankaj KC, AlterNet

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Our fear of rabies has led to cruel and illogical responses. Vaccination programs are helping.

With the Chinese New Year’s start last month, the Year of the Dog is now underway. For many of us, dogs are beloved members of the family. In numerous countries, dogs are not only companion animals, but they’re also valuable community members, guarding farm animals and people from intruders and wild predators. Of the estimated 700 million dogs on the planet, an estimated 75 percent are stray or free-roaming.  And it may be a surprise to learn that up to 10 million of these dogs are brutally killed every single year, primarily in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies.

Although canine rabies has been eliminated in the United States and across the developed world, this disease is still a dire global problem—a forgotten crisis. Some 59,000 people around the world still die of rabies every year, most of them children. Ninety-nine percent of human rabies cases are transmitted by dog bites.

When dogs contract rabies, they suffer a violent, distressing death. But many millions of dogs also suffer cruelty at the hands of governments and local communities fearful of the disease. The most frequent response to rabies outbreaks is mass dog culling, perceived as a cheap and easy way to control the disease. But mass culls have consistently failed to stop the spread of rabies, no matter how many dogs are killed. And such culls typically use highly cruel methods—such as electrocution, shooting, poisoning, or simply beating dogs to death.

Fear of rabies leads to the long and painful deaths of dogs who have done nothing wrong and are not infected. But this problem is one we can solve: by vaccinating the majority of dogs in …read more


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