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Don Jr.’s Mysterious Phone Call After Trump Tower Meeting ‘Could Well Be Evidence of Collusion’: Ex-U.S. Attorney

May 17, 2018 in Blogs

By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

The investigation is likely to find out, if it hasn't already, who was behind a blocked call.

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Elie Honig, former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York on Thursday said the mysterious phone call between Donald Trump Jr. and a blocked caller “could well be evidence of collusion.”

Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee released transcripts of interview with Donald Trump Jr., and several other attendees at the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016. According to the transcript, senators pressed Trump Jr. on the 11-minute phone call he made to a blocked number immediately after that meeting.

Trump Jr. told the senators he does not remember who he spoke with.

Speaking with CNN, Honig explained special counsel Robert Mueller is likely honing in on the recipient of Trump Jr.’s call.

“The special counsel certainly is going to be looking right at these calls to the blocked number,” Honig said. “Any time you have an important event in a criminal investigation, a meeting, a phone call … The first thing you want to know is who did the participants talk to before, during and after.”

“You get the phone records and they see the call to the blocked number and now there seems to be good evidence that was probably President Trump,” he continued. “Investigators are going to want to know what was said, what was the reason for the call. This could well be evidence of collusion.”

Honig added that if he “had to bet,” Mueller is “already working with the phone company.”

“The fact there's a blocked number is not the end of the investigation, and I assure you the Mueller team is very interested in finding out who that is,” he added.

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