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'I Just Can't Take This Anymore': Michael Cohen Is Reportedly Falling Apart Amid Russia Probe Tumult

May 17, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Vanity Fair reports that the president's fixer is worried about the impact the investigation will have on his family.

The pressure of living under special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation appears to be getting to President Donald Trump's lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, according to a report from Vanity Fair.

This pressure has prompted the urge to fight back, and Emily Jane Fox reported that he has told friends, “I’m not going to just roll over.” He reportedly fears that investigators will use him to get to the president.

But the report also suggests that there are times when Cohen feels defeated already. He watched news reports about the development of his case from a hotel room in Philadelphia last weekend and has told friends “I just can’t take this anymore.”

Trump's administration was uniquely unprepared to handle the task of the running the executive branch before he took office, as ample reporting has made clear. But it's also becoming clear that the people around him were unaware or inattentive to the significant legal risks they faced following Trump's elevation.

The people around the president inevitably face a great deal of scrutiny, no matter the administration. If investigators discover significant wrongdoing on Cohen's part, though, he'll have no one to blame but himself.

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