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Even Fox News Is Now Trolling Trump's Most Corrupt Cabinet Member

June 6, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

When a Republican loses Fox News' support, it's usually not a good sign…

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has faced extensive criticism across the board for his excessive spending and apparent corruption, but a new line of criticism came from a surprising place.

In a tweet from Fox News Research, the network's information and analysis team, the outlet laid out a list of the scandals and Pruitt has faced thus far and the prices associated with them.

To top it off, it dubbed the EPA the “Expensive Pruitt Agency”: 

The tweet notes some of Pruitt's most egregious scandals, including the fact that he paid $50 a night for a condo — well below market rate — from the wife of a lobbyist who had business before the EPA. It also cites the $43,000 phone booth he had installed in his office and the $3.5 million he spent on his personal security, even while the evidence of extensive threats against him appears thin. 

Anyone can send a trolling tweet, but a Republican Cabinet member has to feel hurt receiving this kind of treatment from Fox News.

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