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Here Are 7 Key Parts of the DOJ's New Clinton Probe Report — And Why They Won't Make Trump Happy

June 14, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

The new bombshell report has a lot of information — and it doesn't support Trump's FBI conspiracy theories.

A bombshell new report from the Department of Justice examined the FBI's conduct during the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, and many of its key findings completely contradict President Donald Trump's narrative of a politically motivated bureau that is determined to bring him down.

At more the 500 pages, the meticulously crafted report is filled with countless details and appears to be the result of a painstaking investigation. With all this information, there is certain to be enough facts that partisans on any side can use to support almost any conclusion they want — the war of political spin surrounding the report has already begun.

But Trump's claim that former FBI Director James Comey is inherently biased against him and that larger forces within the FBI were arrayed against him in the run-up to the election is completely undermined by the new report.

Here are seven key findings of the report that conflict with Trump's now entirely debunked narrative about the FBI:

1. Clinton was rightfully exonerated in the email probe.

While many conservatives are still completely convinced that Hillary Clinton was guilty of egregious wrongdoing in the email case — this fact served as a major argument during Trump's campaign — the inspector general believes Comey made the right call when he concluded that she wasn't guilty of a crime.

The report says Comey's determination was “consistent with the Department's historical approach in prior cases under different leadership.”

2. Comey's decision to criticize Clinton in a July press conference was unjustified. 

Comey called a press conference, without consulting his superiors, at the end of his investigation to announce that no charges would be brought against Clinton, but he included many sharp criticisms of her conduct. He has acknowledged that this was an unusual choice, but he argued that the difficult circumstances of the case warranted it.

The IG disagrees, writing: “While we found no evidence that Comey’s statement was the result of bias or an effort to influence the election, we did not find his justifications for issuing the statement …read more


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