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ICE Acting Director Scheduled to Speak at Anti-Immigrant Hate Group Gathering

June 4, 2018 in Blogs

By Gabe Ortiz, Daily Kos

Trump has been steadily appointing hate group leaders and activists to top administration posts.

Just in case there was any remaining doubt that this administration is on an ethnic cleansing campaign, let Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Thomas Homan—set to retire this summer from his job of tearing families apart to spend more time with his family—settle any remaining doubts you may have:

Homan will be at the National Press Club on Tuesday morning to participate in an event hosted by the anti-immigrant hate group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Trump has been steadily appointing hate group leaders and activists to top administration posts, and CIS has been among the worst and most visible. Founded by white nationalist and eugenicist John Tanton, the group has been notorious for circulating swill from anti-Semites and Holocaust-deniers, one of whom called Jewish people “truly subversive,” “manipulative,” and “evil.” Homan is sitting with that same racist group this week:

The conversation, covering such topics as deportations, worksite enforcement, and sanctuary jurisdictions, will be moderated by Jessica Vaughan, the Center's director of policy studies.

Vaughan is another gem. She’s been a favorite go-to for anti-immigrant legislators, testifying in front of Congress to fear monger about immigrants when she’s not busy being “a featured speaker at multiple extremist events including white nationalist publisher the Social Contract Press’ annual Writer’s Workshop.” CIS may claim ICE is all about “national security and public safety,” but it’s really about making America white—and with the assistance of CIS and other hate group leaders stacked throughout the administration.

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