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Roe v. Wade Is at the Mercy of Two Unreliable 'Pro-Choice' Republican Senators

June 27, 2018 in Blogs

By Joan McCarter, Daily Kos

They can actually do something real for the basic preservation of our constitutional democracy. We've got to make them do it.

Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have held on to the mantle of being “pro-choice” Republicans for their entire careers, and they've actually been able to hoodwink groups like Planned Parenthood into believing them and working with them. In fact, just last fall Planned Parenthood gave Collins an award.

Since then, both Collins and Murkowski have voted for every one of popular vote loser Donald Trump's viciously anti-abortion judicial nominees (except for the one vote Murkowski missed).

So what about the next one? Collins basically says it's a real shame about Roe v. Wade, but she thinks it would be a mistake to make a fuss about these things. No, really. She says that it was just too bad that Republicans blockaded President Obama's nominee and it was a “mistake” but that boy, Democrats sure shouldn't make that mistake, too. Also, too, “First of all I view Roe v. Wade as being settled law. It’s clearly precedent. I always look for judges who respect precedent.”

Like that's going to happen with a Trump nominee. Like it's made one iota of difference in all her previous votes. Like she's not lying through her teeth right there. But hey, that's just the way the women's reproductive rights cookie crumbles, huh?

For her part, Murkowski has apparently been in hiding all day, because thus far we haven't heard a peep from her.

Mitch McConnell can't afford to lose two Republicans with Arizona Sen. John McCain on his way out. Collins and Murkowski can actually do something real for women's health, for LGBTQ rights, for the basic preservation of our constitutional democracy. We've got to make them do it. We did it before, when they voted to kill Trumpcare. We can do it again.

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