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Ted Cruz Pauses for 18 Seconds When Asked if Trump Can Pardon Himself

June 4, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

Cruz used to be a harsh critic of the Donald Trump — not anymore.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a typically sharp-tongued and spirited debater and political agitator — but on Monday, one issue had him at a loss for words.

Haley Byrd, a reporter for the Weekly Standard, asked the senator on Capitol Hill, “The president says he can pardon himself — would you agree with that?”

And then about 18 seconds passed before he gave an answer. And what an answer it was.

“That is not a constitutional issue that I've studied, so I will withhold judgment at this point,” he told Byrd.

This weasely response is a stunning dodge from Cruz — who often expounds on subjects on which he is uninformed or flatly lying — especially given his history of criticizing the president. He has called Trump a sniveling coward, a loud New York bully, a pathological liar and utterly amoral.

Had President Barack Obama claimed he could pardon himself, is there any doubt Cruz would have been the first to repudiate the claim?

Listen to the clip from Byrd below:

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