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Two Top Scott Pruitt Aides Just Quit Their EPA Jobs As Corruption Scandals Continue to Mount

June 6, 2018 in Blogs

By David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

Underlings continue to pay the price for the unapologetically corrupt boss.

It doesn't get any more Trumpian than this.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is mired in scandals. At least 10 new ones last month, and at least 15 through April. Call it a few dozen just to make it easy.

What's not easy apparently is keeping your job if you work for Pruitt. Those who are accused of carrying out his likely law-breaking direction are the ones paying the price for their boss's unethical and likely illegal acts.

“Two of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's closest aides at the agency resigned on Wednesday,” CNN reports, citing an EPA official. “Sarah Greenwalt, a senior counselor to Pruitt, and Millan Hupp, who worked as Pruitt's scheduling director, both resigned on Wednesday.”

Hupp was recently in the news, just this week, after the Washington Post reported she had worked to arrange a meeting between her boss and the head of Chick-fil-A. That meeting was billed as a “business opportunity” and came via official EPA email. In reality, Pruitt was trying to get his wife a Chick-fil-A franchise.

He brazenly and fully admits it, but says it's OK because she's “an entrepreneur.” (It's not. It's likely illegal.)


“According to one top EPA official,” The Atlantic adds, Hupp, “was 'tired of being thrown under the bus by Pruitt,' and weary of seeing her name constantly appear in headlines about the agency.”

Hupp “recently testified to the House Oversight Committee that she regularly spent her days doing personal tasks for Pruitt, from hunting for housing to calling the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., in order to inquire about purchasing a used mattress.”

CNN notes that “Hupp and Greenwalt were also the two aides who were set to receive Pruitt-approved pay raises despite the White House's refusal to sign off on the raises.”

Scott Pruitt is still employed by the Trump administration.

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