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Watch Pence Straight-Up Lie About DACA to Defend Trump at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast

June 14, 2018 in Blogs

By Gabe Ortiz, Daily Kos

Perhaps he should consult the Scriptures about bearing false witness.

There’s sanctimonious blowhards, there’s hypocrites, and then there’s Mike Pence. Speaking at the 12th Annual National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast (think Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio types), Mr. Take-Me-Seriously-Because-Look-How-Furrowed-My-Eyebrows-Are claimed that “the Democrats have abandoned DACA,” “they don’t want to solve DACA,” and that “by their obstruction, they've abandoned the opportunity to enact compassionate and common-sense reforms to our immigration system”:

“And I can assure you, President Trump and I will continue to work for reforms that reflect the President’s priorities.  And we'll remain ready—we'll remain ready to move forward whenever the Democrats decide to end the obstruction and stop using the DACA issue as a part of a political process.”

Seriously, Mike? You just flat-out lied at a HISPANIC PRAYER event about your boss ending DACA and then sabotaging at least six bipartisan efforts to permanently protect undocumented immigrant youth from his mass deportation force? We know Pence needs Mother in the room in order to have a group dinner, but what are the rules when it comes to lying? By the way Mike, did you happen to mention the migrant children your administration currently has locked up and separated from their desperate parents? Guessing not.

We do deserve better, and it’s definitely not you.

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