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'He Sucks at His Job!': MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace Slams the Relentless Lying from 'The Worst Period' in Trump's Presidency

July 24, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

She describes the last year of Trump's presidency as “grave and sinister.”

While discussing former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's new book, the panel on MSNBC's “Deadline: White House” agreed that since Spicer's departure, President Donald Trump's administration has become even more mendacious and manipulative than it was when it began.

“I'm almost nostalgic for Sean Spicer, and here's why,” said Jason Johnson, politics editor for The Root. “In those first few months, that was when we could still laugh at some of this, in a weird sort of way.”

“It was less sinister, it was more like… he was breaking us in for the far the more grave and sinister period that followed him,” said host Nicolle Wallace. “To his credit, he was bad at the lies. They now have a team that is very good at the lies.”

“Yeah, they have no problem at all lying to your face and not blinking, which is really extraordinary,” said Kimberly Atkins of the Boston Herald.

“And Bill Shine, the former head of Fox News, is now the deputy chief of staff to the president of the United States. The guy who helped cover up Roger Ailes' pattern of behavior, and other patterns of behavior at Fox News, for over a decade, is now the deputy chief of staff to the president of the United States,” said conservative writer Bill Kristol. “And he's a clever guy.”

“But he sucks at his job!” said Wallace. “This is, arguably, since he has started, the worst period of the Trump presidency. What is he doing?”

“I hope you're right,” responded Kristol. “He has a deep contempt for the American public. He thinks they can be bamboozled and lied to. And I do very much agree that the lying is more shameless than it was, and that's the biggest story, isn't it? That Trump and his team are more brazen, more shameless, more liberated from the normal guardrails than they were a year ago.”

Watch the clip below:

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