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Maxine Waters Calls Out Trump’s ‘Schemes, Lying’ and ‘Payoffs’ — And Issues A Stark Warning About His Future: ‘You’re In Trouble’

July 29, 2018 in Blogs

By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

“They can lie all they want to. It's all going to come out in the wash.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Sunday tore into Donald Trump in an incredible takedown of the president’s ethical failings, calling out his “bluffing and bullying” as well as his “messy” relationship with Russia.

Waters, asked about Trump’s threat Sunday that he’ll shut down the government if he does not receive funding for the southern border wall, called out the president’s bluff, and insisted U.S. taxpayers will not foot the bill for Trump’s vanity project.

“You know, this president is a bully and he will try to intimidate all of us,” Waters said. “He is not going to shut down anything. As a matter of fact, people will remember that he said he was going to build this wall and he was going to make Mexico pay for the wall. They said they weren't going to pay for anything. Now he wants the American citizens to pay for this wall. American citizens are not going to pay for this wall, he is not going to shut down the government and we are not going to be intimidated by his bluffing and bullying.”

Though she acknowledged “the economy has improved,” Waters said the cloud of chaos and deception surrounding Trump will be enough to sink him with voters.

“There is so much going on with this president and his allies and with [Rudy] Giuliani and all of this,” Waters said. “With the judge having decided that they can go forward with the emoluments claim with what is happening on the border, with these children that cannot and will not, apparently, be connected with their parents because this government does not have the records, they don't know what's going on, and the fact that they are talking about having deported parents leaving their children in the United States and we not knowing what all of that means. When you couple that with the fact that his son has lied, he has lied about that meeting that took place at the tower, at the Trump Tower, all of that is …read more


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