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'Never Before in History': Fox News' Shep Smith Assails Trump for 'Unprecedented' Attacks on NATO Allies

July 11, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

“The president could turn back the global clock centuries.”

Fox News' Shep Smith sounded the alarm Wednesday about President Donald Trump's relentless and unfounded attacks on NATO, warning, “The president could turn back the global clock centuries.”

Trump, Smith said, “upended world order in the way that no president has. He attacked our closest allies. He berated them and insulted them. He labeled Germany captive to Russia and he blasted NATO agreements that date to World War II.”

In fact, Trump's attack began long before this week's NATO summit. Trump first attacked the alliance as “obsolete” during the 2016 presidential campaign, and he has continued maligning American allies in office.

But Trump's favorite attack on NATO — that the allies fail to pay what the owe to the organization — is flatly false.

“The truth is every NATO country has paid its bills for NATO-shared budget,” Smith explained. “No country — not one — is delinquent. About four years ago, NATO members agreed to beef up their military, to spend 2 percent of their country's gross domestic product for defense by 2024. Obviously, that deadline is six years away, and a handful of those countries have reached that goal.”

Trump has now preposterously upped the demand, insisting that every member nation pay 4 percent of its GDP on defense — an amount the U.S. doesn't even live up to.

The president also singled out Germany for targeted criticism, despite its long history of providing crucial aid to the U.S.

“Germany is one of our closest allies,” said Smith. ”After the attacks of 9/11, we called on Germany's leadership to fight with us in Afghanistan. They answered. They fought with American troops for 17 years. When our soldiers are maimed and mauled in combat, they're flown to Germany.”

He added: “The president's attack on our NATO friends is drawing concern from quarters around this globe including from both sides of the political aisle here at home.”

Watch the clip below:

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