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'That's Not What Happened': Fox News' Shep Smith Fact-Checks Trump's Laughable Claim NATO 'Was Going Out of Business'

July 30, 2018 in Blogs

By Chris Sosa, AlterNet

The president's false claims were not getting a pass from the host.

Fox News' Shep Smith offered a brutal fact-check after President Donald Trump lied during press comments on Monday and claimed the NATO countries were “going out of business” but are now “paying a lot more money” because of his influence.

“That's not what happened,” Smith began.

“In each of the last four years, after the NATO countries agreed to do so, most countries in the alliance have already been increasing their defense spending as a percentage of their GDP,” he explained. ”It began under the Obama Administration. Weeks ago President Trump slammed our allies including Italy and demanded that each spend more on their own militaries. The Italian prime minister pushed back saying Italy had not made any promises to boost any defense spending.”

Fox News contributor John Bussey continued the discussion about Trump's saber-rattling, and it wasn't positive. 

“The president is looking for successes to give to Congress. He's got a lot of criticism from the GOP for his tariffs on China and the E.U. The European Union is mad about it,” he said.

Watch the segment below:

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