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InfoWars' Hateful Content Appears to Blatantly Violate Twitter Policy — But the CEO Is Claiming Otherwise

August 9, 2018 in Blogs

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said InfoWars wasn't banned from Twitter because he doesn't violate Twitter Policy. CNN fact checked that claim.

Notorious far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has seen his InfoWars site banned from much of social media over the past several days. Facebook, YouTube, and Apple have all terminated his accounts and removed his content. But Twitter resolutely refuses to follow suit — a fact for which Jones himself has praised the site.

And on Tuesday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey offered an explanation:

The problem with this is that, when CNN investigated, they found that Jones did, in fact, violate Twitter's terms of service.

Twitter ostensibly prohibits harassment, and “hateful conduct” targeted at a group of people. “Jones has repeatedly degraded individuals of the Muslim faith. He has attacked people on the basis of gender identity. And he has engaged in the harassment of individuals,” writes Oliver Darcy.

Moreover, Twitter's vice president for trust and safety, Del Harvey, recently stated that if Jones had posted the the same content on Twitter that had gotten him removed from platforms like YouTube and Facebook, “we would have taken action against him as well.” But CNN's investigation shows several of those exact same videos were, in fact, uploaded to Twitter as well.

In addition to his rants about government weather control and chemical warfare on the population that turns frogs gay, Jones is known for spreading inflammatory, hateful content. He …read more


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