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The Flippers: Here's Why They Won't Be the Last 'Friends' to Turn on Trump

August 25, 2018 in Blogs

By Lucian K. Truscott IV, Salon

You know what Trump never did back in New York or lately in Washington? Hang out with his friends.

Try to imagine for a moment that you are Donald Trump. Doesn’t really matter when. Back when he lived in Trump Tower in New York and ran the Trump Organization, or after he was elected president and moved into the presidential residence in the White House. What do you think his days were like back in New York, or now in Washington?

They were all the same. He slept, almost always by himself, in a great big bed in a huge bedroom. He got up in the morning and ate some breakfast and got dressed and went down to his office either in Trump Tower or the White House. Lots of meetings. Lots of phone calls. Lately, lots of tweets. Back to the residence, supper, and back into the big bed in the big bedroom and then the same thing all over again.

This article first appeared in Salon.

You know what Trump never did back in New York or lately in Washington? Hang out with his friends. You know why? He never had many friends, not real friends, anyway, the kind of guys you hang out with and shoot the shit and maybe crack a few beers.

Oh, he had lots of “friends,” which is to say, people who were around him because he was the source of their income, or their connection to power, or their connection to other connections. You’ve heard the names of a few of them. There was Roger Stone, who is often described as a long-time political adviser to Trump and a “friend.” Stone worked for Trump before he announced his run for President in 2015 and then for a while afterwards, but he was let go almost before the campaign really began.

There was Trump “friend” Thomas Barrack, a Lebanese-American investor who became a billionaire investing in the Middle East. He is the guy who recommended that Trump hire Paul Manafort to manage his campaign in 2016, calling him a “killer” in a letter to …read more


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