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These 5 Race-Baiting and Hypocritical Right-Wingers Complain About the 'Race Card' — While Playing the Race Card Themselves

August 14, 2018 in Blogs

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

It's a stunning level of self-contradiction.

A game that many Republicans and people on the far-right love to play is going out of their way to be racially inflammatory, then accusing people of “playing the race card” when they are called out—and Republican Corey Stewart, who is running against incumbent Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine in Virginia in the 2018 midterms, is a prime example. Stewart has praised Confederate soldiers, exalted Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Stonewall Jackson as honorable men and asserted that Virginians should be proud to display Confederate flags. But when the Rev. Al Sharpton interviewed Stewart on his MSNBC program, “Politics Nation,” on August 12, Stewart insisted that Sharpton was a “race hustler” for calling him out.

Stewart repeatedly defends symbols of racism and slavery, yet in his mind, it is Sharpton and other liberals who play the race card. And Stewart is not alone: right-wingers who complain about others playing the race card are often playing it themselves in the worst way. 

Here are five far-right agitators who frequently play the race card while accusing others of playing the race card. 

1. Rush Limbaugh

Over the years, Rush Limbaugh has made one racist comment after another on his AM talk radio program — only to turn around and insist that Sharpton, the NAACP, the Urban League and Rep. Maxine Waters are the ones who are causing racial divisions in the United States. Limbaugh is a provocateur: he loves making racially incendiary comments, but he doesn’t like being called out. In 2010, Limbaugh said of President Barack Obama, “If Obama weren’t black, he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu.” And that same year, Limbaugh asserted, “Obama is uppity, but not as a black. He is an elitist.”

True to form, Limbaugh made racially provocative remarks while claiming that liberals and progressives are the ones hurting race relations.

2. Rep. Steve King

Iowa Rep. Steve King (who is seeking re-election in November) has made it clear that he has no patience with people who play the race card, although he plays it …read more


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