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You Know Who’s Paying Very, Very Close Attention to the Manafort Trial? President Trump

August 11, 2018 in Blogs

By Lucian K. Truscott IV, Salon

It may not be the trial of the century, but Mueller & Trump, the stake-holders outside the courtroom, are watching

Do you remember the first job you ever had? I’m not talking about cutting lawns, or babysitting the neighbor’s kids, or lifeguarding at the municipal pool. I’m talking about the job you probably got after you graduated from college or finished your military service. A job you had to apply and interview for. A job at a company downtown in an office building. That kind of job.

If your experience was anything like mine, or that of millions of other people’s, an average day at work went something like this.

You arrived at the company and maybe you checked in at a security desk in the lobby, and then you took an elevator upstairs. The elevator was crowded with other people arriving for work. When you got off, there were long hallways with secretarial and assistants’ desks on one side, and doors leading to offices on the others.

Even though the day was just beginning, the place was probably buzzing with activity: computer monitors flickering, people in the halls balancing take-out coffee cups and cell phones as they filed into a conference room for a meeting. Your desk might have been in a large, open area filled with cubicles where other people who had jobs not unlike yours worked. There was a low hum of activity. People were busy, and they stayed that way for most of the day. You probably ate at your desk, and so did many others.

The company you worked for was a great machine that produced something. In my case, it was a newspaper. In yours, it might have been complex financial reports, or data analysis, or a cosmetics product like lipstick, or even somewhere far away from the office, a barrel of oil, or something silky and soft like lingerie or metallic and hard like an exhaust manifold or the hood for a pick-up truck.

But not one of the many companies that Paul Manafort ran when he was working in the Ukraine for its corrupt, mobbed-up …read more


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