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Kavanaugh and the Left’s View of Judges

September 11, 2018 in Economics

By Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow

These days the Trump White House is held up as the principal
example of misgovernment in America today. But what to make of the
hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme
Court? It is difficult to decide whether mindless protesters (also
known as “activists,” whatever that means) or
sanctimonious senators are dumber.

In most civics classes students are taught that the U.S. system
has three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. They have
separate roles and check one another. Judges are to interpret the
law, assessing what it is, not declaring what they want it to

However, the Kavanaugh hearings demonstrate that none of the
protesters or, more seriously, the Democratic senators, paid
attention in class. They obviously imagine that judges are merely
legislators in robes. The judiciary’s job is to create a
progressive paradise. The law really doesn’t matter.

Although Kavanaugh almost
certainly will be confirmed, his backers need to do a better job
explaining the function of judges to the American people

The purpose of America’s original system should be
obvious. Laws are made with the consent of the governed. It is hard
to have a national town meeting, so legislative power is delegated
to one or more elected bodies. In the federal government there is a
House and a Senate, so some degree of consensus is required to pass

Administration of the law is a separate job which also goes to
an elected official. The interplay between legislatures and chief
executives is complex, but is supposed to prevent either branch
from gaining too much power. While administration inevitably
requires some discretion, governors and presidents are supposed to
implement, not make up, laws.

Judges are the clean-up crew. Statutes are ambiguous. Laws
conflict. Constitutions are terse. It sometimes really isn’t
clear what “is” is. How best to apply old principles to
changing technologies? Legislators sometimes ignore constitutions,
while executives sometimes ignore laws and constitutions. Rights,
real ones, not left-wing wish lists, are to be protected. Jurists
are to figure out what the law is, irrespective of their personal

However, the Left discovered what it believes to be a terrible
flaw in this system. Most people don’t like having their
lives run by social engineers. Many legislators actually agree with
their constituents. Which means people get to keep too much of
their own money, make too many of their own decisions, and hold
inappropriately non-PC opinions. It is up to judges to take over
the legislature’s function and impose new rules on the
recalcitrants. And to enforce this glorious new progressive way of

The result is essentially two competing judicial philosophies. A
gross simplification, to be sure. But reasonably …read more

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Watch: New Undercover Video Exposes Animal Abuse at US Supplier to World's Largest Meat Company

September 11, 2018 in Blogs

By Reynard Loki, Independent Media Institute

Workers were documented killing piglets by smashing their heads against the ground.

In September of last year, two executives of JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, based in Brazil, were arrested and charged with insider trading. In May 2017, the billionaire siblings—Wesley Batista, JBS’s CEO, and his younger brother Joesley, the firm’s former chairman—admitted to bribing more than 1,800 politicians and government officials, including meat inspectors, in an effort to avoid food safety checks.

Now, new undercover video shot by a Mercy for Animals (MFA) investigator at Tosh Farms, a JBS pork supplier based in Franklin, Kentucky, exposes what the animal rights group calls the “malicious and systemic abuse of mother pigs and piglets.”

“I’ll never forget the way they looked up at me,” said Tyler, the MFA investigator, about the pigs he documented at Tosh Farms. “They all shared the same look of helplessness and fear.”

“One mother pig stumbled down a corridor with her uterus hanging outside her body. She wouldn’t live much longer,” he said on an MFA website launched specifically to document the JBS investigation,

Tyler witnessed workers at Tosh Farms kicking and striking animals in their faces, ripping out the testicles of piglets without any pain relief, and even smashing the heads of piglets against the ground in order to kill them.

Those piglets who did not immediately die were left to suffer, denied proper veterinary care. “A worker grabbed a piglet, just hours old, by the feet and swung him high and then slammed his head down against the hard concrete,” said Tyler. “Any life left quickly vanished.”

“From the day pigs are born until the day they are violently killed for JBS pork, their lives are filled with misery and deprivation,” said Matt Rice, president of MFA, in a press statement. “If JBS executives abused even one dog or cat the way their suppliers abuse millions of pigs, they would be jailed for cruelty to animals. As the largest meat company in the world, JBS has the power and responsibility to end this torture.”

Clare Ellis, publisher of Stone Pier Press, which recently released “Sprig the …read more