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Another of Kavanaugh's Classmates Just Said He Has Caught the Supreme Court Nominee in a Lie

September 25, 2018 in Blogs

By Matthew Chapman, AlterNet

Kavanaugh's self-portrait of his college years is being challenged again.

The sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have upended every aspect of the carefully manicured life story image he and the White House have sold the American people.

On Monday, Kavanaugh sat for an interview with Fox News' Martha MacCallum and vehemently denied the allegations. In fact, said Kavanaugh, he was a virgin throughout that time period. “I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter,” he said.

Putting aside the fact that neither of the assaults Kavanaugh is alleged to have committed at Georgetown Prep and Yale would have required the loss of virginity, at least one of his classmates takes issue with that claim.

Stephen Kantrowitz, now a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, tweeted that Kavanaugh's claim of virginity does not match what he told people while he was in school:

When Law & Crime requested further comment, Kantrowitz added:

Contrary to his assertion that he remained a virgin “for many years” after high school, during our freshman year he described losing his virginity. I remember this distinctly because it was the first time I had had such a conversation with an acquaintance who was not a friend. I have no first-hand knowledge of any of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, but I thought this conversation was relevant as it goes to the question of his truthfulness.

It is entirely possible that Kavanaugh was lying then, rather than lying now — plenty of college students embellish their sexual exploits, and this is not in and of itself something he should have to answer to in his adult years, as opposed to, for instance, forcing a 15-year-old girl into a room and trying to …read more


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