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Donald Trump Jr. Mocks and Ridicules Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford in Tasteless Instagram Post

September 17, 2018 in Blogs

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

What a disgusting display.

Donald Trump, Jr., vice president of the Trump Organization and the president’s 40-year-son, is drawing sharp criticism for a recent Instagram post mocking psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, who is alleging that Judge Brett Kavanaugh—the president’s second nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court—tried to sexually assault her when they were in high school.

On Instagram, Trump, Jr. posted a mock “letter” written in crayon and labeled “Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual assault letter found by Dems.” And the “letter” read, “Hi, Cindy, will you be my girlfriend? Love, Brett,” with options to check “yes” or “no.”

Trump, Jr., in the Instagram post, mockingly wrote, “Oh, boy, the Dems and their usual nonsense games really have him on the ropes now.”

To Ford, however, it is no joke—and she has said that is willing to testify before Congressabout the alleged incident. More than 200 people who graduated from the same high school that Ford attended (Holton-Arms High School in Bethesda, Maryland) have signed an open letter supporting her.

Trump, Jr.’s Instagram post was met with an angry response from Mashable.com’s Chloe Bryan, who wrote, “In short, it compares Ford’s disturbing account of Kavanaugh's behavior — which allegedly, occurred when the nominee was 17 years old — to an elementary school crush. Trump, Jr. does not have a particular reputation for treading …read more


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