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The Only Sure Thing In Ford v. Kavanaugh May Be That One Side Is Panicking

September 22, 2018 in Blogs

By Mike Littwin, The Colorado Independent

And Trump is just adding to the problem.

It’s apparently never too early to argue the merits of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, although it might be better to wait until they actually testify at the Senate hearing. But even at this point, some aspects of the case of Ford v. Kavanaugh are beyond question.

For one, Republicans are panicked. To protect Kavanaugh, they won’t let the FBI investigate Ford’s allegations and they won’t allow witnesses other than Ford and Kavanaugh to be called. They give Ford  arbitrary deadlines, when to testify, when to agree to testify, when to agree to agree to testify.

The idea is to leave us with a he-said/she-said situation, hoping we’ll end up hopelessly confused. Meanwhile, committee Republicans want female outside counsel to do the questioning of Ford because, in 2018, every single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee is, well, male. (Four Democrats on the panel are women.)

For another, Donald Trump is still — and always will be — Donald Trump. But you knew that.

And for another still, in the run-up to the hearing, Kavanaugh’s defenders are only making matters worse with a series of defenses that range from the sadly expected to the downright bizarre.

We can begin with Trump. For days now, we’ve been hearing about the remarkable Trumpian restraint in this matter. His advisers had warned that attacking Ford would not only alienate female voters in the November midterms, but also possibly the few Republican women in the Senate, those who could decide Kavanaugh’s fate. And, remarkably, he seemed to have listened to the advice — for a while.

Those days of restraint came to a sudden halt in a Friday morning tweetstorm. And whether that is a sign of how much trouble Kavanaugh’s nomination is in or simply the fact that the leader of the free world has the impulse control of a dog when confronted by a squirrel, we’ll leave to the historians and to the mental health field.

What we know is that Trump has gone on the offensive with the oldest, least empathetic and predictably wrong-headed attack, one which …read more


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