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The Summer of Trump: Here Are All the Terrifying Stories We Wish we Could Forget

September 3, 2018 in Blogs

By Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

It’s safe to say the news has not been quiet this summer.

This was the summer that began with Rudy Giuliani getting booed at Yankee Stadium — for any longtime New Yorker, a nearly unbelievable event — and ended with a white Republican congressman sorta, kinda calling a black Democratic mayor a “monkey” on live TV. If you have entirely forgotten both events, or never noticed them in the first place, you are not alone.

I’ve been working in and around the news business for exactly 30 years, and the truism used to be that nothing much happened during the summer, except in presidential election years. Even then, the mud-slinging, attack ads and earnest campaign lies didn’t commence in earnest until after Labor Day. Oh, there were stories of sorts: Heat waves, natural disasters, blockbuster movies, peculiar pop songs that dominated the airwaves for weeks at a time. Some surfer somewhere in the world would get nibbled by a great white shark — or possibly just see one — and the news magazines would announce an existential attack on the human species.

Donald Trump has an obsession with sharks, according to one of his (alleged) extramarital sexual partners. I could spend several hundred words trying to decode that (which is admittedly my usual mode) but let’s not. It’s the laziest holiday weekend of all, at the end of a hot, wet and exhausting American summer. I think it’s safe to say the news has not been quiet. We need a break.

Our third summer under Donald Trump, the God-Emperor of All Media, was even crazier than the first two. If that’s possible. You probably remember some of this summer’s major Trumpian news events — the summit in Singapore, the summit in Helsinki, the “family separation” policy, the Paul Manafort verdict and the Michael Cohen plea deal — but pause just a moment to reflect that all that, and much more, unfolded within the last 10 or 12 weeks. And there’s a lot more stuff, I promise, that under another president or in another universe would have seemed like a big deal …read more


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