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'There Is No Immigration Emergency': Conservative Writer Refutes Trump's 'Cynical Ploy' to Whip Up Bigotry Ahead of Midterms

October 23, 2018 in Blogs

By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet

His midterm strategy is simple: lie, lie, lie.

Media outlets have followed President Donald Trump's lead in making the caravan of immigrants moving through Central America a major news story, despite the fact that it poses no real danger to the United States.

As conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot explained in a new piece Tuesday, the concerns about the caravan are part of a scheme to scare voters into voting for the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections.

“This is simply Trump’s cynical ploy to use racism and xenophobia as voter-turnout tools,” said Boot. “And Republicans are happy to go along with the self-proclaimed 'nationalist.' The GOP, my former party, used to dog-whistle to racists. Now it’s a wolf whistle.”

The fact is, there's little reason for Americans to be concerned about the caravan.

Boot explained:

There is no immigration emergency. Apprehensions of migrants along the southwestern border peaked at 1.64 million people in 2000. In 2017, there were only 303,916 apprehensions – a 81.5 percent decline. More Mexican immigrants are leaving America than arriving. The reason Trump is having a cow is because, after declining for his first few months in office, apprehensions increased in 2018, although they still generally remain below 2016 levels. Trump hasn’t built his vaunted border wall, and he hasn’t gotten Mexico to pay for it. But simply because Trump hasn’t succeeded in carrying out his fanciful campaign promises doesn’t mean we face an “existential” threat – as Newt Gingrich puts it – from dark-skinned newcomers.

And of course, all the anxiety and warnings about the caravan seem to ignore the fact that there was another caravan in April, which likewise never brought any danger to the United States.

“Conveniently enough, Trump and his amen chorus at Fox 'News' never bother to recall their meltdown over a similar caravan of refugees in April,” wrote Boot. “Did that caravan unleash marauding hordes to rape and pillage? Nope. Most of the migrants stopped well short of the U.S. border. Some stayed in Mexico; others returned home. The Border Patrol reported catching all of <a target=_blank …read more


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