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Best Gifts for History Buffs

December 14, 2018 in History

By Lesley Kennedy

Got history lovers on your list? Stock up here.

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Fans of tea and American history will cozy right up to this Boston Tea Party sampler set from Solstice Tea Traders. Complete with six 4-ounce assorted loose-leaf teas (oolong, bohea, congou, souchong, singlo and hyson)—the same types thrown over the side of British ships during the famous revolt—it also includes reusable tins and a history fact sheet.

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Good Judgment

BUY HERE: Dissent Collar Earrings, about $18, Amazon

Know a big fan of RGB? These cool-looking “dissent” collar earrings make a subtle call-out to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s iconic ruffle-collar accessory. Bonus: Half of your purchase dollars go to charities.

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The Rooms Where It Happened

BUY HERE: Lego Architecture U.S. Capitol Building Kit, about $100, Amazon

Bills! Amendments! Filibusters! Add a little political history to your gift-giving this year with Lego Architecture’s U.S. Capitol building kit, a detailed 1,000-plus-piece model of the home of America’s Congress. When built, it measures 6 inches high, 17 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Ages 12 and up.

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Gods’ Gift

BUY HERE: Pop-Up Book of Mythological Gods and Heroes, about $27, Amazon

A 3-D Thor swings his hammer. Spider Woman weaves her celestial web. And the Greek Gods hang out—where else?—on Olympus. Percy Jackson fans will appreciate Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes, this gorgeous pop-up book from Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda. Filled with dimensional tales of Ra-Atum, Zeus, Odin, the Jade Emperor and more, it’s a wonderful introduction to mythological divinities from around the globe. Ages 5 and up.

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BUY HERE: Dinosaur Nightlight/Desk Lamp, about $20, Amazon

Wow the future paleontologist on your list with Fullosun’s 3-D illusion night light/desk lamp that looks from afar like a cool sci-fi rendering of a dino—choose from velociraptor, T-Rex and more—but up close it’s really a nifty thin acrylic sheet. A remote control lets you choose from seven color options.

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Puzzling Propaganda

BUY HERE: World War II Poster Collage, about $18, Amazon

White Mountain Puzzle’s WWII 1,000-piece poster collage is comprised …read more


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